Drums & Cymbals Recording

Cybals only recordings

Record your cover with Tobi

Midi Drum programming

Tobias Derer

High Quality, well engineered drum sounds. Recorded with highest level equipment and experience in a good sounding drum room. My endorsement partners at DW Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Remo Drumheads, Vic first Sticks, Shure Microphones, Antelope Audio, Genelec Audio, API Preamps provide the best equipment and all the choice i need. On top of that i can provide all time recording classic instruments from Ludwig, and Pearl Drums, timpanis and percussion. This makes me flexible and well prepared with the best sounding equipment one can hope to record.

Drums & Cymbals Recording

I play real Cymbals to your programmed drums. Easily, fast tracking for a low budget.
You’ll get tight played stems of stereo OH, and a great stereo room. (Edited optional)

Cymbals Recording

I record drums to your songs. Sent your programmed drumming idea and i play the exact same parts with your preferred feel and intensity on real drums. On the other hand i can come up with appropriate drum parts to your songs from scratch. You’ll get tight played stems of each instrument.

Recording your cover with Tobi

I record your cover performance with the best audio and video equipment in the business. You play and get a final cut video in the end, I take care of video, audio and edit.

Drum Programming

I program drum parts for your songs or ideas in Midi.

You Save

  • Time - give me the job, next step: the final drum-stems
  • Money - one man: studio access, time and equipment for free
  • Effort - I take responsibility for the whole drum recording process
On top of that I solve your following drum recording problems:
  • The guy - knowing and hiring the right drummer
  • The place - searching, sheduling and booking a good sounding drum studio
  • The gear - having the right drum sounds, instruments, microphones and preamps
  • The time - one can’t do anything alone, especially when you have deadlines

Choose your Sound

Tobias Derer Equipment

Choose from a bright variety of over 50 Zildjian Cymbals from the A Custom, K and K Custom series.
For every taste there is a unique sounding drumkit - vintage to modern metal:

  • DW Collectors SSC Kit
  • DW Design Series Acrylic Kit
  • T.Berger all Brass Kit
  • Old Vintage Ludwig from 1969
  • API and Antelope Goliath Preamps, Genelec monitoring system, Shure Microphones and other studio classics.